Bizarre News Over Breakfast

Whether you like your news over easy, scrambled, or extra crispy, dive in with Cody Jennette to hear about the strangest, weirdest and oddest stories in the news.

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12/2/17 – American Airlines computer glitch, woman startled at orchestra concert, man sends note to police 30 years after accident, man spreads mustard on Pop-Tarts, deer runs through a middle school, bank robber hides in Port-A-John. (Guest: Jared Sofranko)

11/25/17 – Truck spills chocolate, Georgia Dome implosion blocked by a bus, Florida man crashes car at intersection on purpose, incense therapy triggers fire alarm, house falls off a trailer while being moved, McDonald’s museum being torn down, woman tries to sneak drugs into prison by kissing inmate boyfriend, Philadelphia man buried with two cheese steaks after passing away.

11/18/17 – 800 year old museum coffin breaks, art stolen from a museum is mailed back to it, Denmark man stealing public benches, license plate made from a pizza box, coin toss decides a state election, two people hit the lottery twice in the same week on two separate occasions. (Guest: T.J. DiStefano)

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