Weekend Talk Block

LIVE: Saturday and Sunday Morning listen to compelling conversations with interesting local professionals about your Health, Wealth, and Lifestyle.

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Lincoln Radio Journal
Lincoln Radio Journal
6:30 am - Weekly

Sports World
Sports World
7:00 am - Weekly

Sports World
Westmoreland Sports Report
7:30 am - Weekly

Talk Block
Wildcats 30
8:00 am - First Saturday Each Month

A More Excellent Way
A More Excellent Way: Faith at the Intersection of Law & Politics
8:00 am - Second Saturday of each month

Better Business Bureau
The Better Business Bureau Show
8:00 am - Third Saturday Each Month

Tay Waltenbaugh
Taking Action
8:00 am - Fourth Saturday Each Month

Food Impressions with Vinnie
Food Impressions with Vinnie
8:30 am - Weekly

Laurel Highlands Happenings
Laurel Highlands Happenings
9:00 am - First Saturday Each Month

Chad Amond
Westmoreland County Chamber Business Journal
9:00 am - Second Saturday Each Month

Louise Tilzey-Bates
Heritage Happenings
9:00 am - Third Saturday Each Month

Jane Kerr
Faith in Action Live!
9:00 am - Fourth Saturday Each Month

Bizarre News Over Breakfast
9:30 am - Weekly (except the 2nd Sat. of the month)

Tay Waltenbaugh & Jack Brown
Best of Hank Baughman Show
Saturday at 10:00 am - 11:00 am - Weekly

Tay Waltenbaugh & Jack Brown
High and Wide Outdoors Show
Sunday at 7:00 am - Weekly

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